After 20 years of selling Honda accessories online we have shut down our online store.
We are no longer selling or shipping parts or accessories

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Genuine Factory Honda Accessories at discount prices, with fast shipping
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    - Please note, that some banks may display the authorization the same as a charge on their transaction detail. If an order is cancelled or voided it can take several days, depending on your bank, for them to clear the authorization.

  • To protect both us and the card holder we use security measures to verify the ownership of the card. This requires that the address entered on your order matches exactly to the address your card company has on file for you. A rejected order will still show a temporary authorization for each attempt. For more information on this Click Here.

    - We are not able to process orders with non-US issued cards as they do not provide the necessary information for verification.

  • We settle the authorization (charge) your card only when your order is packaged and set for shipment to you.

  • We never see your credit card number, all that is provided to us is the first and last 4 digits of the number. No copy of your card number is ever printed or viewed or even stored in our local computer systems.

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  • All orders that we process have to be submitted to our secure server for credit card processing.'

    - This means that if we did accept phone orders we would have to connect to the internet and go online to our site exactly the same as all other consumers and enter all of the information into the site online.'

    - This would be the same as you entering it directly, however you would be adding an entire other layer of unsecured transmission and storage of your crucial information.

  • When you give someone your name and credit card over the phone or in person, you run several risks:

    - The person on the phone, receiving the order, will have to write down your card number and personal information that then has to be properly disposed of to ensure security.

    - If the person on the phone were not completely honest they could keep a copy of your card number and name and use that information fraudulently.

    - When you order from a place that says 'do you want that put on your card that is on file with us?', ask how and where do they store your card number.' Is it in their regular customer database, accessible by all of their employees?

    - If an order is phoned in to a company it is possible that another person will overhear the phone order, either at your location or where the order is being processed as the information is read back to you.
  • How do other companies handle your credit card information when you order over the phone or even online? Where do they store your information to complete the transaction? Some simply write your full card number right on the invoice where it can be read by anyone at any time and easily retreived from their system by any employee or person who wonders into their building.
  • When you send your credit card over the Internet, you run LESS of a risk than when you read it over the phone to a mail order company, or hand it to a waiter in a restaurant. Why? Because we don't use carbons. We don't write your information down. We don't repeat your number aloud in a room full of people. You enter your data and it goes directly into our system, where it is stored encrypted and password-protected.

  • Buying from our site with a credit card is no more risk than paying for dinner out, possibly even less so when you consider that you often hand your card to the server and they disappear with it for a time.
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